The Ontario Police Memorial Foundation was formed through the good will of associations representing all levels of rank and duty in the policing community.  It represents the cumulative efforts of the Police Association of Ontario, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Ontario Senior Officers’ Police Association, Toronto Police Association and the Ontario Provincial Police Association.  Originally a committee, the expressed purpose was to build and maintain a memorial to police officers killed in the line of duty while serving the people of Ontario.  In addition, it was a goal to honour these officers and their families through an annual memorial ceremony.

The Memorial consists of two bronze statues, (approximate 2.5m), depicting a male officer in duty dress circa 1950, and a female officer in modern duty dress. The statues are mounted atop a large granite pedestal base (approximate 3.0m high and weighing 15,000kg). At the feet of the statues are eight cascading granite walls. The four walls on either side of the main pedestal form a horseshoe shape. The names of all known fallen officers are inscribed on these walls.

Toronto based artist, Mr. Siggy Puchta, is the sculptor of the bronze statues. Over his thirty years as an artist, he has many awards and accomplishments. In 1986, he designed the trophy depicting the Calgary Saddledome for the Calgary Cup Games. In 1991, he was commissioned to create seven large Canada Geese for the Blue Water Bridge Authority in Sarnia, Ontario.  In 1994, he designed the Marilyn Bell award sculpture.

The Memorial was designed and built by Wholesale Lettering and Carving (1962) of Mississauga, Ontario. They are also the builders of the Korean War Memorial located in Mississauga.

The Memorial was dedicated on Sunday, May 7, 2000 and was attended by The Honourable Hilary M. Weston, Lieutenant Governor; The Honourable Michael D. Harris, Premier; The Honourable David H. Tsubouchi, Solicitor General; and The Honourable Robert W. Runciman, Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

The design and construction of the Ontario Police Memorial was funded by a grant from the Government of Ontario.